Dhanbad Tour

Dhanbad, also known as ‘The Coal Capital of India’ is an epitome of rapid development and modernization. It is known for its coal reserves and urbanization. This coal city of Jharkhand has been ranked as 96th fastest growing city in the world. At present, it has perfect connectivity with all major cities through rail and road. In fact, Dhanbad Railway Station is most famous for its huge revenue generation and that is the result of numerous industrial establishments in the city.

Early history of this city is mostly unknown due to mysterious circumstances of this region in the past. Well, there are some historic sites and temples in the city which have many folklores associated with them. In the past few years, this city has developed and become one of the most famous industrial cities in India. Thus, most of the past and present of this city belongs to its industries and some historic sites including old villages and ancient temples.