Jamshedpur Tour

Jamshedpur, the steel city is situated about 130 km, south-east of Ranchi. Jamshedpur is one of India’s earliest planned cities and is beautifully maintained and managed, in spite of being an industrial town. Jamshedpur is surrounded by the Dolma hills and still retained its position as a hill station. Jamshedpur was established as a result of the Parsi industrialist Jamshedji Tata's efforts in 1908. It is often known as the Pittsburgh of India.

Tourist Attractions in Jamshedpur
The town of Jamshedpur has retained much of its natural attraction with its lakes and rivers being enclosed by the Dolma hills, inspite of the pollution from its heavy plants. The Damodar Valley project is one of the famous tourist attraction in Jamshedpur. The other tourist attractions in Jamshedpur are Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Hudco Lake and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dimna Lake
Dimna Lake is an artificial reservoir and one of the main sources for the city's drinking water. Dimna Lake is one of the popular tourist spot in the state. Dimna Lake is located about 13 kms. from the city limits, at the foot of Dalma Hills. The salubrious surroundings of the lake is ideal for outing. People from all across the region come here during December-January for picnic. Tata Steel has constructed this lake as a water reservoir for its plant and the city.The Lake has facilities for water sports like jetskiing, rowing and water scooting.

Damodar Valley Project
The Damodar Valley Project area is a famous tourist attraction for tourists in Jamshedpur. The project impounds the flood water of the Damodar river and power and irrigation. This project serves Bihar and West Bengal. Maithon Dam and Panchet Dam are situated in this project. Maithon Dam was designed for the flood control but has the unique underground power station, the first station in Asia. Panchet Dam is situated about 6 km from Maithon Dam. This dam has a hydro electric power station.

Jubilee Park
Jubilee Park is situated in the heart of the city. Tata Steel presented this park to the citizens of Jamshedpur in its Golden Jubilee Year in 1958. The lush green park is spread over an area of 238 acres and is dotted with flowerbeds and illuminated fountains. The park has been designed around a central axis running from the founder’s statue at its highest point. The park is the breathtakingly beautiful, which is inspired by the Brindaban Gardens at Mysore. The park’s horticulture garden is renowned for its hybrids it has developed. The three coloured fountains at the center of the park attracts various visitors in the evening and illuminated
on every Tuesday and Saturday. Foliage Park, Smriti Udyan, Jayanti Sarovar, Rose Garden and Tata Steel Zoological Park are some other notable sections of the park. Every year on 3rd March the entire park is lit up with lights and the fountains are specially illuminated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mr. Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, founder of the Tata Empire. Tourists from all over the world come to have a glimpse of the park on this notable day.

Tata Steel Zoological Park
The Tata Steel Zoological Park houses a variety of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. This park is situated besides the Jubilee Park, and a treat for all the nature lovers. Various migratory birds visit this place every year during winters and equally enchanting for all the bird lovers. The park also has a beautiful lake, a boat house and restaurant.

Hudco Lake
Hudco Lake is located in the picturesque and hilly terrain of Telco Colony. The lake is a delightful retreat for those desirous of being in-nature within the city premises.
A wild hill besides the lake has been specially renovated into a scenic park known as Sumant Mulgaonkar Park. From the hill top, one can have a panoramic view of Steel Industry, Tata Engineering, Lafarge Cement and Tata Powers.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Dalma mountain range is situated at an altitude of 3000 feet. The Dalma wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 193 sq. km. and elephants, barking deer, sloth bear, porcupine, leopard and tigers can be seen in this sanctuary. The steep slope of Dalma are a trekker’s delight. Small hideouts have been made at several places in the sanctuary where one can see wilds animals in their natural habitat. Late Sanjay Gandhi inaugurated the sanctuary in 1975. On the top of the hill is the guesthouse of Tata Steel and Forest Department. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva on the top of the hill and the devotees visit this temple during Shivaratri.