Ranchi Tour

Ranchi, situated about 338 km. from Patna was the former summer capital of Bihar. It was originally a tribal country with vast parts of forest lands. Today, Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. Ranchi is a large and beautiful hill resort and the countryside around it boasts of beautiful waterfalls. Ranchi is located on the higher ground in the heart of the Chotanagpur plateau and located close to the beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Today, Ranchi has grown as a famous industrial town and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Company is also located here. Ranchi is also a major educational centre in south Bihar. Hindi, Nagpuri, Oraon, Mundari and Kurmali are the main languages which are spoken in Ranchi.

In ancient times, the tract which corresponds to the district of Ranchi and the neighbouring areas was located in the undisturbed possession of Munda and Oraon tribes and was known to Aryans as Jharkhand or the 'forest territory'. The area was also part of the Magadh Empire during the reign of Ashoka. Jarasandh, the mighty emperor of Rajgriha in the Mahabharat period and Mahapadmanand Agrasen of Magadh, also exercised some control over Jharkhand. Earlier, Ranchi was also known as Lohardaga. This district came into existence after the creation of the south-west frontier as a result of the Kol rising in 1831-32. The name of the district was changed in 1899 from Lohardaga to Ranchi after the name of a small village now comprised within the headquarters.