Alchi Monastery

Alchi Monastery, located in the Alchi village in Leh, was built by the great translator Guru Rinchen Zangpo between 958 and 1055. Today it is being monitored by Likir Monastery. This monastery is actually a complex of temples consisting of 4 separate portions that has monuments built at different times. The main complex has three temples- gTsug-lag-Khang (main temple), 'Jam-dpal lHa-Khang (Manjushri temple) and Dukhang (assembly hall).

Alchi monastery is one of the most well-known ones. The walls of the site are adorned with paintings depicting the details of Hinu kings as well as the teaching of Buddhism. There is also a huge Buddha statue in the complex, a famous tourist attraction.

Information About Ladakh

Ladakh Geography Ladakh Geography

Ladakh borders Tibet in the east, the Lahaul and Spiti in south, Jammu & Kashmir in the west, and the trans–Kunlun territory of Xinjiang in the far north. Before partition.

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Ladakh Calendar Ladakh Calendar

The people of Ladakh follow Tibetan calendar. Their year consists of 12 months each of 30 days for two consecutive years and the third year consists of 13 months. The extra month is added in between.

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Ladakh History Ladakh History

Rock carvings found in many parts of Ladakh show that the area has been inhabited from Neolithic times. Ladakh's earliest inhabitants consisted of a mixed Indo-Aryan population.

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Ladakh People Ladakh People

The people of Ladakh ethnically and culturally differ from people in the rest of India. The features and physique of the people of Ladakh resemble with those in Tibet and Central Asia .

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