Ladakh Calendar & Festival

The people of Ladakh follow Tibetan calendar. Their year consists of 12 months each of 30 days for two consecutive years and the third year consists of 13 months. The extra month is added in between on the day considered auspicious.

Tibetan months are numbered and not named. Only days of a week are named. The days of the week and are named after the sun, the moon and five visible planets. Another peculiarity in the calendar is that some days of the week are omitted during a month considered inauspicious and the word Chad (cut off) appears on calendar. That day of the month does not exist in the year. Thus their year consist of days less than 360 at variance with a true lunar year.

The Tibetan New Year begins with the rising of the new moon in February or March depending on when the extra month is added. For these difficulties, the dates on which the festivals of Ladakh will fall according to Western Solar year cannot be worked out.