People of Ladakh are very different in looks from the rest of the country. Due to the altitude of the place, their skin is very hard and tough with soft and plain nature by heart. Their face round shape, small eyes and nose give them different look from the rest of the world people. Their clothes and appearance are more alike to the Asian and Tibetan people. In between the 4th and 5th century, Dards migrate towards the Himalayan region and settle down there. These Dards are said to be from the Indo – Aryan race. Many people from this origin convert themselves in the Islam religion where as some remain with the Buddhist religion.

The Ladakh people are said to be the most simple and cheerful in nature. Even their lifestyle is very simple and they prefer to remain close to the nature. Dresses for Ladakh man and woman are totally different. Women wear the Goncha, which is a loose thick woolen robe that is tied on waist by a colorful band and men wear loose pyjamas with a hat. The Buddhist people wear bright brick red color robe. On special occasions, people wear bright and silk robes.

The culture of Ladakh is rich with the Buddhism culture. The main culture of Ladakh is Buddhism with other bit part of religion of Hindu, Muslims and Christians. The land has many rocks engraving of Buddhist speaking even in areas like Drss and lower Suru valley. Most of the Muslim residents will be found at the Padum, Nubra valley and nearby places of Leh. The monasteries in Leh Ladakh display the culture of Buddhism.

Even the women in Ladakh are fully affected by the religion of the place. Here, women of Buddhist and Muslim culture, works not only at home but also works outside the home. Some families also run their business in which women take the full participation. They are totally free to interact with the men outside their home.